Fashion is always changing and adapting to new trends all over. Royals are in, plain clothes are out. But rather than just staring at royals and what they wear, you can now replicate their style with your own personalized twist. How, you may ask?

Monograms! As simple as that!

By creating a monogramed design with your initials, you can personalize and elevate your clothing and accessories. From a phone case to a tank top, anything can be personalized.


Celebrities have been monograming their belongings for a while. Just take a look at Taylor`s gorgeous necklace and Olivia`s scarf. You can be next. You can be trendsetter in your own squad. Monograms aren`t just for celebrities anymore!

Create your own monogram here and share it on Facebook with the hashtag #lovemymonogram, for a chance to win €50 worth of monogrammed products!

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